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TRIM Back Screen Time Magnet Instructions:

This magnet can be used as a reminder to check the setting on your families devices and keep you educated with new information!

Once you register your magnet, you will have instant access to the 3 things you should do every 3 months to keep you family safe on devices!

How To Use This Magnet 

  • With so many updates and new technology being released along with your children getting older, it is a good habit to set a 3-month cycle to review the setting, have the important conversations, and review how your children are using their screen time.

  • 1. Review the top 5 screen time conversations

    These topics will be update several times throughout the year to match what concerns parents are having. 

  • 2 Review TRIM Back Family Screen Time Agreement

    You will have conversation topics to think about when it comes to screen time habits and safety.

  • 3 Review the 6 layers of screen time settings.

    You will learn about the different layers of screen time settings and how they relate to keeping your child safe. This information will be updated as technology changes.

  • After you do the steps located here, pick a date 3 months in the future so that you can remember to come back and review these again and take action if needed. Doing this at regular intervals shows your kids that you care and want to be involved in their screen time habits.

Your Screen Time Safety Coach

Gena Peth

Gena flipped her 25 year corporate tech career to help families implement the tech in their home. She is on a mission as a Screen Time Safety Coach to reverse the dependency families have with devices. She comes alive when she shares her technology expertise with parents so that they can become more confident and empowered with setting up screen time boundaries. She loves to stomp out parent guilt and get families moving towards reconnection!

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