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Are you looking for someone to help you find tools and strategies to improve your communication with your family about the use of devices and how to be safe online?

Would you benefit from having someone save you time by walking you through all the best technology options available that provide your family structure, boundaries, and will improve your communication?

Is your child asking to use social media or gaming apps that include chats but you know your family needs help with protecting their exposure to adult content, being groomed, or lead into a dangers situations while online?

Workshops That Keep You Informed On Screen Time Strategies

Each month you can attend a free workshop on different topics related to screen time.  Once you register, you will be added to my email list and get a registration email with information on the upcoming workshops plus instant access to my calendar for a FREE strategy Call.

Live Online Interactive Workshops That help with your tech needs!

You will attend live demonstrations for you to get real time tech help and be able to ask questions. I also share my research and strategies in setting age-appropriate screen time boundaries.

What You Will Learn From The Free Strategies Call

You can share your concerns and goals with with screen time so that I can help you develop an online safety plan for your needs. Plus the 3 things you can do today to improve their safety while on screens..

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Gena Peth ~ CEO Informational Impact

Screen Time Safety Coach ~ Speaker ~ Author ~ Workshop Facilitator

About Your Tech Coach

I am a trauma-informed experienced parent of 7 with 25 years of Sr. level tech skills that can help you unpack the layers of technology so that you have a better understanding why parents like you struggle with tech boundaries and how youth are bypassing the parent controls.  I know you are overwhelmed in keeping up as technology is developing at a faster rate than ever before. Your children approach technology with curiosity and are getting caught in the net. The youth are being overexposed behind the screens and need age-appropriate boundaries. I have help many parents implement my strategies to set the right boundaries for their family and be more purposeful with technology. 

You can contact me at [email protected]

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    You can contact me at [email protected]