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Are You Ready To Join The Screen Time Strategies Workshop?

You will learn how to implement the four strategic layers of tech for setting up age-appropriate boundaries and the two foundational layers your family needs to develop for a healthy and purposeful screen time playbook.

Are you looking for someone to help you find the tools and strategies to improve your communication with your family about the use of devices and how to be safe online?

Would you benefit from having someone save you time by walking you through all the best technology options available that provide your family structure, boundaries, and will improve your communication?

Is your child asking to use social media or gaming apps that include chats but you know your family needs help with protecting their exposure to adult content, being groomed, or lead into a dangers situations while online?

Family Communication

& Social Technology Strategies

Families that work together to set up social and emotional support systems, enroll in social technology training, and implement the right technology strategies will improve their online experience and will encourage open family communication.


"I remember the stress we experienced when new apps and games with social components started coming out in rapid succession. Keeping up with all the changes was overwhelming, difficult to navigate, and conversations about time limits became more difficult."


But it didn't need to be that way.

Please Check All That Apply!

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, I Want To Invite You To Join This Workshop & Support Program And Transform How Your Family Uses Technology.

Don't be alone, Don't do it alone, Don't lose yourself, and don't lose your family to devices and screen time Pitfalls!

´╗┐This program will transform the way you approach setting age-appropriate technology boundaries and build your confidence in navigating and simplifying the complex layers of tech. 

How Will You Benefit From Taking This Workshop & Support Program? 

  • You will discover the 3 things you can do today to improve safety and how to utilize what you already have available to help you start managing screens