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Screen Time Tech Assessment 

Inventory all your family's devices and assess the things you can do to improve your families screen time safety, set time limits, and more about monitoring options. 

New Devices

Whether you are purchasing a new phone, tablet, laptop, game system, or smart TV the topics we will cover will help you feel more prepared!

Existing Devices

If you have already purchased a device for your child or they already use their device, you will learn what to consider implementing or changing.

Topics We Will Cover During This Call

  • What options you already have available that you can implement to help manage screen time.

  • What screen time boundaries you need to consider putting in place to keep you family safe.

  • Why having a signed user agreement is helpful!

  • How to manage your child's expectations and ownership of the device to maintain healthy parental boundaries.

´╗┐This Call will transform the way you approach setting age-appropriate boundaries on devices and games systems your kids have access to using daily. You will be more informed about screen time settings and why they are important to set up before the gift is open. 

What Parents Are Saying About Working With Gena ...

Keeping our kids safe online these days is no joke....there are so many things to consider, research, block, unblock, talk about, and on and on. This program curates so much valuable information - you will walk away from it feeling empowered and ready to work as a family on ensuring everyone stays safe and loved.

Parent ~ Tiffany Vaughan

Our family found this program very helpful. The content was timely and relevant to what we were going through with her kids. It was helpful to have tasks for us to work on as parents and for our kids to work on so that we would have a better awareness of how technology is affecting our kids.

Parent ~ Teresa G.


About Your Tech Coach

I am a trauma-informed experienced parent of 7 with 25 years of Sr. level tech skills that can help you unpack the layers of technology so that you have a better understanding why parents struggle with tech boundaries and how youth are bypassing the parent controls.  Parents are overwhelmed and technology is developing at a faster rate than ever before. Children approach technology with curiosity and are getting caught in the net. They are suffering behind the screens. I have help many parents implement my strategies to set the right boundaries for their family and be more purposeful with technology. 

You can contact me at [email protected]

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Screen Time Strategy Assessment Call

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