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Transform the way you manage your family's screen time in 90 days or less!

Become free from the daily screen time battle and reconnect with your family!

Are you looking for someone to help you find the tools and strategies to improve your communication with your family about the use of devices and how to be safe online?

Would you benefit from having someone save you time by walking you through all the best technology options available that provide your family structure, boundaries, and will improve your communication?

Is your child asking to use social media or gaming apps that include chats but you know your family needs help with protecting their exposure to adult content, being groomed, or lead into a dangers situations while online?

Can you imagine having your own geek squad like Screen Time Safety Coach PLUS more than 10 other professionals that will help you transform the screen time battle in your home!

All that with lifetime monthly group coaching to stay current on all the latest tech!

Is This Program For You And Your Family?

Please Check All That Apply!

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, I Want To Invite You To Join TRIM Back Screen Time Family Safety Program And Transform How Your Family Uses Technology.

Enroll Today!

Yes, My Family Needs This!

You Benefit From This Unique Combination Of One-On-One and Interactive Group Coaching! Plus All The Bonuses! 

3 Months Of One-On-One Coaching To Grow Your Confidence 

  • You will feel more confident with strategies that help you shift from the daily battle to a well-defined set of goals and action steps in managing screen time

  • I will help you build resilience in staying strong when setting age-appropriate boundaries

  • You will learn how to set expectations, safety tips, laws, and how to navigate difficult findings

12 Months Of Private Group Trainings To Grow Your Knowledge 

  • You will discover the 3 things you can do to improve online safety by utilizing what you already have available

  • I will walk you through how utilizing routers, monitoring software, and device settings that will improve your family communication and build trust

  • You will have resources you can use to evaluate apps and devices, learn how to set expectations, safety tips, laws, and how to navigate difficult findings

This Screen Time Safety Coaching program will transform the way you approach setting age-appropriate technology boundaries and build your confidence in navigating and simplifying the complex layers of tech. 

What You Will Learn From

This Coaching Program?

You will get hands on one-on-one tech coaching plus join others so that you can be inspired to find new ways to help your family feel more connected. You and your family will develop a TRIM Back Screen Time Agreement Blueprint so that you can safely TRIM back your screen time. 

Step 1: Build Your TRIM Back Family Screen Time Agreement 

4 Hands-on One-on-One Coaching Sessions

You will be guided through the process and activities to reconnect with your kids to build a family screen time agreement so that everyone will feel heard.

Time & Tech Awareness

  • Become more aware of how your family is spending their time on screens so that you can identify areas where they can become more purposeful and cut back.

  • Mindfulness of your family's time

  • Becoming Intentional with tech

  • Discovering what your child really needs

Reestablishing Family Connection

  • Discover your family's communication style, how they receive love and the top 5 values so that you can become more mindful with your time and the app choices your family makes.

  • Creating a vison of your child's future

  • Discovering each others values

  • Establishing safe boundaries

Identify Influencer Impact

  • Uncover who is influencing your child behind the screen, how to redirect them to be intentional with who they follow, and who they relate with online.

  • Encouraging positive influences

  • Building positive friendships

  • Reconnecting with your family

Manage Expectations

  • Gain insight into how the device impacts family members and how to manage expectations, negative reactions, and setbacks when cutting back screen time.

  • Establishing an agreement

  • Becoming empathetic

  • Creating new habits


1 Family coaching session to make sure your TRIM Back Screen Time Family Agreement Is completed and everyone is all in to make this work!


Step 2: Activate Your TRIM Brake Family Screen Time Agreement 

4 Hands-on One-on-One Tech Coaching Sessions

You will be guided in how to implement the tech to set up the recommended settings to meet the requirements for your TRIM Back Screen Time Family Agreement.

First Line of Defense 

  • Learn why routers are important and learn about your options. This week you will make sure you check your router settings and take full advantage of what it can do for your family.

  • Breakthrough the fear of managing your Router

  • Manage the router from your phone

  • Determine if your router meets your needs

Devices, Devices, and more Devices

  • Take a look at the verity of devices and learn how to best manage them and what their setting can do for you, how to consolidate monitoring, and understand the loop holes.

  • Do a full inventory of your devices and get the best recommendations

  • How to set better habits with devices

  • Learn the differences between devices

Router Add-on’s, Family Linking, & Monitoring Software

  • Review the key features to consider when setting up free family linking, selecting a router add-on hardware, and monitoring software. Learn the best ways to implement these solutions and .why they are useful. 

  • Learn how to manage screen time form your phone

  • Learn how to monitor for concerns

  • Find out what will be a good fit for your family

App setting and how to determine if the are age-appropriate.

  • Review the best way to implement app setting from streaming devices to phones. Learn where to go to get the right information about the apps, how to prevent the from being deleted, and  how to manage the lifecycle of the apps.

  • Resources and knowledge on how to know if the app is safe

  • Get the latest information on apps

  • Become more knowledgeable about the most used apps


3 coaching sessions to make sure the settings and the family agreement is working!

1 Family coaching session to make sure your tech and and the TRIM Back Screen Time Family Agreement is working!

2  Check-in session for support and troubleshooting any issues.


12 Months of Live Interactive Group Screen Time Safety Coaching

These Sessions are designed to support your family in taking weekly action along the way to becoming tech confident. Changing habits and family dynamics with screen time takes time and consistency. Attending these sessions and taking weekly action will help ensure your family's success in navigating screen time challenges. You will learn proactive steps to continue to keep your child protected and how to respond if serious situations come up.

These sessions are essential in transforming your families online experience with setting age-appropriate boundaries.

12 Months of Live Interactive Group Screen Time Safety Coaching

  • Tech Support, Mentoring, And Guidance

  • Family Boundaries And Communication Coach

  • Trauma Assessment With Referral Process

  • Family Accountability Planning

  • Screen Time Awareness Research And Information

  • Support Family Vison and Values


More Than 8 Group VIP Q&A Sessions With Other Professionals A Year!


These professionals will support your family with healthy Screen time tips.

  • Physical And Mental Health

  • Nutritionist

  • Mindfulness Coach

  • Body Language Trainer

  • School Alternatives

  • Cyber Security

  • Therapist

  • Body Movement Instructor



More Than 6 Webinar Workshop Where You Have Priority Voting On Topics That Include!

  • How to manage expectations

  • How to manage information overload

  • When to get therapy and be trauma informed

  • Curiosty parenting style

  • How to undo tech choices and take responsibility

  • The 60+ ways your teen is getting around your settings

  • How to respond to what you find on the child's device

  • How to help a child develop healthy online friendships.

  • Device strategies for Co-parent and blended families 

  • Top 10 subjects to talk to your teen about

  • 10 ways to build human connection

  • Top 5 warning signs your child has a device addiction


Access To The Unique TRIM Back Family Screen Time Agreement Action Guide And Video Package!

This includes a 4 part video series for you to watch and a fast action guide with step by step instructions to start reconnecting and learning what your child needs, what they want for their future, and how they receive love.



The TRIM Back Screen Time Family Agreement Video Series That will make This A Complete Program 

4 Steps guide to TRIM Back Screen Time Family Agreement

1) Time & Tech Awareness

2) Reestablishing Core Family Values

3) Identify Influencer Impact

4) Manage Expectations & Expectations

Here's Everything That You Get

(Plus Extra Bonuses)

This Is A Limited Time Price Reduced Offer

  • 12 one-on-one coaching sessions (3 Months of Weekly Private Coaching)

  • 12 one-on-one coaching session recordings

  • Device inventory and recommendations

  • 12 or more Live Group Interactive Screen Time Safety and Tech Coaching Sessions per year

  • 8 or more Live Professional Guest Speaker VIP Q&A Sessions per year

  • 3 Family Activity Sessions per year with Q&A

  • Family Conversation Homework Packets

  • TRIM Back Family Screen Time Agreement Action Guide

  • Access to the Conversational Parenting Facebook Group and all past posted trainings and videos

  • Plus, if you sign up by Dec 31st, you also get these fantastic bonuses:
  • The TRIM Back Screen Time Family Agreement Blueprint Video Series

  • 3 one-on-one 15 min Screen Time Safety Coaching Emergency calls

  • TRIM Back Screen Time Family Agreement Blueprint Workbook

  • Plus The Group Coaching, Professional Q&A Sessions, And The Monthly Workshops Are Life Time (You can come back to re-watch videos as many as you would like while your children are growing!

Most importantly, you will leave this course feeling more confident when you learn how technology can help you set screen time boundaries and protect your child [$Priceless]

Total Value: More That $8,000 

Normally this Investment would all be $4,497.

But I am doing a one time special re-launch Investment, everything included

for ONLY $1,497!

One Year of Support with Monthly Group Coaching!

Only $1,497!

To provide customized session, spots are limited!

Price increase Jan 1st 2023

Join with confidence, 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

I am confident that when you join the others that have already invested in keeping their family protected and purposeful on devices, you will get the support you need to not feel alone in this battle of devices, and feel empowered to stick with the boundaries that meet your families needs. However, if after the third live session you realize you would rather continue on your ​own, I will refund you your total investmen.

About Your Tech Coach

I am a trauma-informed experienced parent of 7 with 25 years of Sr. level tech skills that can help you unpack the layers of technology so that you have a better understanding why parents struggle with tech boundaries and how youth are bypassing the parent controls.  Parents are overwhelmed and technology is developing at a faster rate than ever before. Children approach technology with curiosity and are getting caught in the net. They are suffering behind the screens. I have help many parents implement my strategies to set the right boundaries for their family and be more purposeful with technology. 

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